SEE Program General Apply

Please submit your application and upload resume to our General Apply for Senior Environmental Employment Program grant funded positions supporting the EPA.   Applicants MUST be aged 55 or older and US Citizen to be considered.   For current SEE Program EPA position listings in your area, please  Search Open Positions   An application is required for each individual position.

Air Division Professional Support (SCA-522)

Air Division Professional Support (SCA-522) ID:

Civil / Municipal Engineer

Civil / Municipal Engineer ID:

Environmental Scientist/Engineer

Environmental Scientist/Engineer ID:

Environmental Scientist or Engineer

Environmental Scientist or Engineer ID:

Administrative Support

Administrative Support ID:

Air and Radiation Division Policy and Regulation Support (SCA-521)

Air and Radiation Division Policy and Regulation Support (SCA-521)

LCRD Tribal Circuit Rider

LCRD Tribal Circuit Rider ID:

Engineer or Scientist

Engineer or Scientist ID:

TTPB Tribal Circuit Rider

TTPB Tribal Circuit Rider ID:

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