Curriculum Specialist Math For SY'2023-2024

Works under the direction of the Principal for the coordination of curriculum and instruction within the academic discipline of Mathematics to (1) implement curriculum planning and revision, and (2) collaborate, consult, and advise building leaders in order to support teachers in the effective implementation of high-quality, evidence-based instructional practices and curricular materials. RESPONSIBILITIES: The essential functions or duties listed below are illustrat

Facilities Director

Lawrence Family Development, Inc is looking for an experienced Facilities Director. As our Facilities Director, you will oversee the facilities maintenance, operation, and security as well as the custodial staff for Lawrence Prospera's real estate and leased properties. As our Facilities Director, you will be responsible for ensuring the facilities are clean, up to code, and operational; as well as be responsible for ongoing inspections and evaluation of property, managing projects and contra

Mental/Behavioral Health Clinician

Lawrence Family Development's SISU Center is seeking a Mental/Behavioral Health Clinician to provide traditional and non-traditional clinical services with proven-risk young adults in Lawrence and Methuen. The Clinician will provide services on-site at the SISU Center in Lawrence to young men and women, ages 14-24. The Clinician will support the outreach and case management teams with the intake and screening process and will assist with external referrals for more in

Construction Manager

Lawrence Prospera is a community driven non-profit organization committed to our mission of strengthening the individuals and families of Lawrence, MA through the development of thriving neighborhoods. And, we are looking for a Construction Manager who can embrace that mission and enjoys working with a dedicated group of people! Check us out! As our Construction Manager, you will be responsible for supporting the mission of Lawrence Prospera; as well as be responsible for the p

School Dietician For SY'2023-2024

The School Dietitian will be responsible for providing nutrition education and support to students, staff and families at LFDCS. The School Dietitian will work closely with the Director of Nutritional Services and the food service team to ensure that the school district's nutrition programs meet the needs of all students and promote healthy eating habits. The School Dietitian will also provide nutrition counseling and support to individuals with special dietary needs and work with communi

School Psychologist For SY'2023-2024

The School Psychologist is accountable for assisting school personnel to identify the needs of students through consultation with school personnel and individual evaluations and, in cooperation with teachers, parents/guardians, administrators, school health personnel and Special Education personnel. The School Psychologist will develop educational interventions and supports appropriate to the needs of students, including cognitive, social, academic, behavioral and personal development, consis

Social/Emotional Learning Teacher For SY'2023-2024

The Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) Teacher will be responsible for teaching the fundamental principles of Social Emotional Learning. The SEL teacher will demonstrate the ability to direct students in developmentally-appropriate projects, develop SEL curriculum and collaborate with other teachers. Responsibilities: Teach SEL as a special subject to students in Grade K-2 through Grade 8 Create and plan engaging, grade-appropriate SEL

Teacher Coach/Mentor Coordinator For SY'2023-2024

The Teacher Coach/Mentor Coordinator is responsible for supporting new and returning LFDCS teachers to ensure effective instruction of all students. Responsibilities include designing and implementing an effective Mentoring and Induction program and ongoing professional development for staff. The Teacher Coach/Mentor Coordinator works collaboratively with Heads of School to identify teachers in need of support and offers in-depth coaching including modeling of best practices, one-on-one sessi

Licensed School Social Worker For SY'2023-2024

The Licensed School Social Worker (LISW/LCSW) assists students with personal, psychological and environmental issues that affect their school performance, behavior and socialization. The School Social Worker partners with the School Psychologist to assess student needs and delivers services and programs to support students and maximize their ability to access the curriculum. The School Social Worker works closely with administrators, teachers, parents/guardians, nurses, psychologists, special

Special Education Teacher

The Special Education teacher is responsible for delivering the instructional program as outlined in a student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) and for carrying out all planning, supervision, and assessment of students in accord with the states' regulations and the school's mission, policies and practices.   Responsibilities: Provide the instructional program for students to reflect the goals of students' IEPs. Ensure sufficie

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