CME- Care Coordinator IC3


Position Title:  IC3 Care Coordinator   

Position Number:

Work Unit: IC3 (Impact)

Immediate Supervisor's Title: IC3 Wraparound Supervisor

List positions supervised through immediate contact: None




Knowledge of agency policies and procedures. Ability to coordinate and organize delivery services. Ability to monitor youth's progress toward meeting established goals.  Knowledge of youth's treatment goals. Ability to interview youths and or families using established techniques.  Ability to develop youth profile.  Knowledge of agency confidentiality policies.  Knowledge of state and federal confidentiality laws and regulations.  Knowledge of available community resources.  Ability to make appropriate referrals. Knowledge of crisis intervention.  Ability to develop client service plan to habilitate and rehabilitate client and assist client in attaining social, educational, and vocational goals.  Ability to contact health care professionals to obtain additional background information.  Ability to develop, implement, and facilitate workshops.  Knowledge of target population.  Ability to access what training is needed. Knowledge of agency specific software. Knowledge of available databases.  Ability to prepare reports and case history records.  Knowledge of eligibility requirements.  Knowledge of information needed to complete applications.  Knowledge of what qualifies as an emergency situation.  Entry qualifications include a high school diploma or GED and two years' experience in a social services related position OR a Bachelor's degree in a social services related field OR one year at the lower level or position equivalent.


(Physical) No lifting of more than 20 pounds.




(Include emergency equipment, treatment equipment and high risk equipment) N/A




____Employee routinely performs tasks that involve exposure to blood or other potentially infectious

material as part of their assigned duties (Category I).

____Employee performs assigned tasks which does not involve exposure to blood or other

potentially infectious matter, BUT employment may require performing unplanned category I tasks

(Category II).


X    Employee performs assigned tasks which involve no exposure to blood or other potentially

infectious material AND performance of category I tasks are not a condition of employment

(Category Ill).






__x__Direct Care






The Albany Area Community Service Board goal is to continually improve the delivery of service by improvement of youth outcomes and satisfaction. All employees have a role in performanceimprovement and are expected to interact collaboratively with co-workers, and other contacts to provide consistent, high-quality, youth focused services.




Intensive Customized Care Coordination (IC3) is a provider based High Fidelity Wraparound intervention comprised of a team selected by the family/caregiver in which the family and team identify the goals and the appropriate strategies to reach the goals identified by the family. High fidelity wraparound (HFW) is an ecologically based process building on the collective actions of a team to mobilize resources and talents from a variety of sources to support families in their communities. In the wraparound process, a team of people are brought together around all the components of a family's life incorporating their history, culture, relationships, and other relevant information to address their challenges and formulate possible solutions.





The care coordinator provides a broad range of case management services to patients/ clients/ youths and their families. Conducts patient/client/youth intakes, participates in treatment team planning, and performs crisis intervention. Assist in dealing with personal and social problems. May provide behavioral and emotional support to youths and families and/or serve as a liaison for social services. May perform case management duties. Assist individuals in identifying and gaining access to required services and supports, as well as medical, social, educational, development and other services and supports. Encourages the use of community resources through referral to appropriate traditional and non-traditional providers, paid, unpaid and natural supports. Coordinates a set of interrelated activities for identifying, planning, budgeting, documenting, coordinating, securing, and reviewing the delivery and outcome of appropriate services for individuals through a wraparound approach. Care Coordinators will deliver services and work in partnership with the individual and their family/caregivers/legal guardian to assemble the Child and Family Team (CFT).  Care Coordinators will provide 3 hours of care coordination per week per individual services. Care Coordinators will have 1 face to face per week meeting per individual served.


Duties Include:


Implements and organizes the delivery of specific social services within the community. Monitors patient's/client's/youth's progress towards treatment goals. Completes patient/client/youth intakes based on interviews with patients/clients/youths, their families, significant others and appropriate community agencies.  Assists clients in locating and utilizing community resources including legal, medial, financial assistance, and other referral services. Provides case management and referral services to clients with emergency situations.  Coordinates Child Family Team and its members as identified by the family/youth. Provides crisis intervention services on a 24/7/365 basis to the youth they serve, to include face-to-face response when clinically indicated.  Maintains contact with other social service agencies and health care providers involved with clients to provide information and obtain feedback on client's overall progress.  Implements life skills workshops and programs in behavior management, youth services, community and social services.  Maintains program statistics. Prepares intake reports and case history reports. 


NOTE:  This position will answer directly to the IC3 wraparound supervisor

Position Title: IC3 Care Coordinator