Contact Center Business Systems Analyst

Position Summary:
Provide technical support for Contact Center Systems (Scanning, Automation, and Customer Relationship system). Provide the Contact Center with ongoing business functional analysis which includes knowing current business processes.  Provide strategic and tactical support to the Contact Center teams by designing, preparing, analyzing, and interpreting data of all reports.  Provide technical support for mobile and digital application users.

Essential Functions:

  1. Must understand at the process level use cases for all hardware and software used in the Contact Center. 
  2. Analyze system errors and identify potential issues with computer systems.  
  3. Work with our Information System teams to add, test, implement changes in the Agile method of project management.
  4. Perform routine business analysis for each team which includes systems and processes to help identify areas of improvement.
  5. Assist with monitoring user security, including adding, removing, updating user account information, resetting passwords, etc.
  6. Assist in the maintenance of systems to ensure that updates and patches are scheduled; that timely system maintenance is completed; thorough testing is completed for each update for all systems managed; ensure that all systems and network are working and report all problems; suggest, and implement process improvements (speed/simplification) for each system.
  7. Responsible for the research, design, maintenance, and security of reports as needed by Contact Center teams.  Design and request as needed reports to be created by the Business Intelligence Reporting Services team for the purposes of reporting accuracy and efficiencies.
  8. Accurate handling of data and statistics, assuring the integrity of data.  This includes extraction, storage, manipulation, analysis and interpretation of the data.
  9. Work closely with VP of Contact Center, Team Managers and other support staff to help identify, evaluate, and investigate data related problems.  

Additional Functions:
Provide technical customer support as needed for contacts via email, phone, and chat.

Study or Knowledge or Experience:

  • Four year degree with developed Business Analysis skills or demonstrated experience in analytical and decision making skills. 
  • Developed technical ability or demonstrated experience in providing technical support to a modern customer-service or order-entry environment.
  • Developed knowledge of creating Transact Sql queries against reporting data tables.
  • Understand and practice the Agile Method of Project Management.
  • Demonstrated expertise with learning, updating, and training various software as well as understanding of Contact Center business rules.
  • Possess knowledge in how mobile devices work, and the ability to convey this knowledge to others.
  • Excel in spelling and grammar.
  • Solid interpersonal, customer, and communication skills, written and verbal.
  • Expert in Microsoft Excel and proficient in other Microsoft Office applications
  • Strive to live a life consistent with Biblical principles and demonstrate continued growth and spiritual development.

Internal Work Environment:
Extensive communication with Contact Center team managers and VP of Print and Contact Center. Communication will be technical, statistical in nature, time-sensitive, and many times confidential and secure.

External Communication:
Regular communication with the outsourced contact center vendors, and other organizations/ministries 
for troubleshooting and benchmarking purposes. Topics will normally be process or data related.

Leadership Responsibility:
This position will represent the Contact Center teams as a Product Owner for technical and process improvements.

Stewardship of Resources:
Responsibilities have a direct impact on the cost to service a customer, and funds needed to operate a Contact Center.

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