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Associate Economist: Chinese Consumption & Labor Market Specialist


The Conference Board China Center for Economics and Business

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We are looking for a dynamic and capable Associate Economist to join our research team in Beijing as an expert on Chinese consumption and labor market developments and trends.



The main objective of the position is to establish The Conference Board as a thought leader on Chinese consumption and labor market trends and thereby help members improve their strategic understanding and business planning.

The Associate Economist will undertake short-, medium- and long-term analyses of consumer market and labor market trends and developments in China and study the demographic and policy factors shaping and influencing household consumption in China.

Associate Economist will undertake research involving quantitative and qualitative economic analysis for China, be responsible for producing regular written China Center research deliverables (in English), and act as the lead researcher for our consumer and labor markets’ programs in China.

The Economist is expected to track policy and economic developments related to these areas and to produce high-quality research products based on in-depth primary and secondary research. The Economist will also be required to collaborate with China Center and global team members to interpret developments and assess their impact on China’s economy and business environment, and on the regional and global economy. Economist will also be expected to act as the primary developer of the China Center’s research agenda as it relates to the household consumption topic area. Finally, Economist will present ideas and research in person, via teleconference and web presentations to China Center and global Conference Board members and establish The Conference Board as a “credible voice” in the China economic development debate.

Associate Economist will contribute to conceptualizing and constructing PPT-based analysis and narrative for China Center member events and meetings. He/she will also offer substantial input into the overall China Center messaging in the specific topic area.?

The position requires solid economic credentials and relevant experience in empirical economic research. The candidate should have a good grasp of both macroeconomic developments in China and solid expertise in at least one area of structural economics, in particular: consumption, demographics, productivity, and labor markets. The candidate must also have the ability to engage in thought-leading research (including a conceptualization of future trends) in a given topic area. Ideally the candidate will also have good grasp of Chinese politics and socio-economic issues as well.

The candidate should be able to connect economic issues to business planning issues faced by companies – i.e. the outlook for growth, stability, risks or shocks and their impacts on business conditions on the ground.

The candidate should have excellent math skills and a familiarity with the sources and quality of data in China. The candidate should also be creative, work flexible hours, and be good at collaboration and teamwork.

The candidate must have proven structured thinking and English writing skills. Written and spoken English does not have to be perfect, but the candidate’s point of view and arguments in English must be clear, comprehensible and compelling.

Due to applicable Representative Office regulations, candidate must be a local PRC national.

M.A. in Economics or higher preferred.B.A. in Economics considered if accompanied by strong substantive working experience in economics.

Please contact: [email protected]