Bentley Software / IT Support Specialist


Highly motivated, self-starter, willing to become a VDC leader in support of DOT Transportation division. This position will implement and maintain the following software: MicroStation, OpenRoads, OpenSite, OpenBridgeSignCAD, LEAP, STAAD, GEOPAK, ProjectWise, ControlCAD Suite. Continue to innovate our transportation division in its pursuit of current and new DOT clients. Organizes and direct the division and move PEC towards the use of 3D modeling for design and construction. This position shall advise management of future plan production related software resources in performing research, budget, cost and analysis.  

Position Duties and Responsibilities: 


  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Innovation, Self-Starter  

  • Willingness to learn new things. 


  • Bentley ProjectWise Administration / Configuration. 

  • Creation and modification of custom IPLOT pen tables and settings files 

  • Building consensus on Bentley SELECT License Renewal / Portfolio balancing across divisions 

  • Managed Workspaces, Renditioning, Applications & file associations, Users, Groups, and User Lists (others are managing).   

  • Workspace creation, configuration, management, and support. 

  • Management of the CADD resources including custom line styles, fonts, cells, MVBAs, and numerous settings and configuration files 

  • Assist in the research and evaluation of new hardware / software and incorporating it into new or existing workflows 

  • Use of Remote Desktop Connection to manage file, application, and license servers 

  • Development and modification of MVBA’s for design aids and automation 

  • Development of batch files, visual basic scripts, PowerShell scripts, etc. for administrative automation 

  • General hardware and software support for Bentley ProjectWise. 

  • Host regular Bentley User group meetings 

  • Development of instructional documentation for supported software 

  • Development of training and general reference media 

  • Manage and distribute Bentley Training content 

  • Participate in Virtual Design and Construction Committee discussions 

  • Maintain records of software licensing and compliance. 

  • Provide staff training on computer hardware 

  • General understanding of Microstation and how design works and a workspace works 

Qualifications and Skills:? 

  • Technical degree is preferred, or equivalent combination of education and experience. 

  • Working knowledge and understanding of Bentley and common software programs and packages. Previous experience with Bentley Software desired. 

  • Experience working with CAD and other AEC industry software is desired. 

  • Must possess good interpersonal communication skills and command of the English language to provide effective support over the phone, in person and by email.