Community Support Specialist-Adult's


The Community Support Specialist- Adult's provides a variety of direct services to SPMI/SED clients designed to maintain the client in the community. 


  1. Assessing and monitoring an individual’s adjustment to community living.
  2. Monitoring the individual’s participation and progress in organized treatment programs to assure the planned provision of service according to the individual’s treatment plan.
  3. Participating in the development or revision of a Person Centered Individualized Treatment Plan.
  4. Providing individual assistance to persons in accessing needed mental health services including accompanying individuals to appointments to address medical or other health needs.
  5. Providing individual assistance to individuals/families in accessing a variety of public services including financial and medical assistance and housing, including assistance on an emergency basis and directly helping to meet needs for food, shelter and clothing.
  6. Assisting the person/family to access and utilize a variety of community agencies and resources to provide ongoing social, educational, vocational and recreational supports and activities.
  7. Interceding on behalf of individuals within the community-at-large to assist the person in achieving and maintaining their community adjustment.
  8. Maintaining contact with individuals who are hospitalized and participating in facilitating discharge planning.
  9. Training, coaching and supporting in daily living skills, including housekeeping or daily chores, cooking, personal grooming, accessing transportation, keeping a budget, paying bills, functioning at work and in the classroom and initiating and maintaining an independent residence or maintaining residence in a family setting.
  10. Assisting in creating personal support systems that include work with family members, legal guardians or significant others regarding the needs and abilities of an identified person.
  11. Encouraging and promoting recovery efforts, consumer independence/self-care and responsibility.
  12. Providing support to families in areas such as treatment planning, dissemination of information, linking to services and parent guidance.

  13. Travels extensively throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area to visit clients and to transport clients to various appointments or community resources.

  14. Initiates other reports and records as required.

  15. Completes all documentation required for successful reimbursement of services and maintains clinical documentation that meets Health Center and payer requirements.

  16. Successfully meets productivity requirements established for the position.

  17. Performs other duties as assigned.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in a human services field (psychology, education, nursing, criminal justice, recreational therapy, sociology, behavioral science, social work, psychology, human development and family studies, counseling, child development, gerontology, rehabilitation counseling); OR at least two years of higher education with two years of experience in psychiatric, substance abuse treatment, or developmental disabilities, or any four year degree with two years of experience in psychiatric, substance abuse treatment, or developmental disabilities; OR and associate of applied science in behavioral health support from an approved institution; OR four years of equivalent experience with consumers and their families receiving psychiatric, substance abuse, developmental disabilities services to move towards their personal, social and vocational competency in order to live successfully in the community; One to three years’ experience in working with SMPI/SED clients with severe, persistent illness or in a mental health or social service agency preferred.

  2. Patience and ability to establish rapport with this population.
  3. Flexible schedule and transportation.
  4. Knowledgeable about diverse clientele.
  5. Ability to assess clients’ daily level of functioning preferred.
  6. Ability to write clearly and distinctly.
  7. Knowledgeable about community resources.
  8. Knowledgeable about establishing rapport with clientele.
  9. Knowledgeable about crisis prevention.

BENEFITS: Swope Health Services offers full-time employees a competitive benefits package, including: medical/dental/vision coverage; prescription coverage; ; short-term disability; long-term disability; health savings account (HSA); flexible spending account (FSA); paid time off; and retirement (401K).