Early County Clubhouse/CSI/SST2

GENERAL NATURE OF WORK: Provision of educational and employment needs for up to 30 clients. Linkage to community and stakeholder resources related to education and employment. Staff is required to meet minimal contacts per month with each client, provide collaborative documentation, attend collaborative meetings with staff and other youth serving stakeholders for continuity of care. Employees are required to meet 70% productivity each month.

QUALIFICATIONS:  High school diploma or GED and three years’ experience in a social services related position

OR Bachelor’s degree in a social services related field OR One year at the lower level or position equivalent. Internal employees must be in their current position at least 6 months.


(X) A pre-employment physical required for appointment to position.

(X) A fingerprint criminal records investigation required for appointment to position.

(X) Pre-employment drug testing and random alcohol/drug testing required for appointment to position.

(X) Males between 18 and 26 years of age required to present proof of having registered with the Selective 

      Services System as required by federal law or of being exempt from such registration.

(X) An official transcript required from the college that granted your hours and/or degree.  The transcript (Primary

      Source) will need to be furnished to the Personnel Department.