Product (ZEMA) Support Specialist II (UK)

The Opportunity ZE UK is looking for a Intermediate Product Support Specialist to be involved in all areas of design and delivery and uses various languages and interfaces including Java, SQL, Liquibase, JDBC, Regex, and many more.. You will be responsible for ensuring our production and demo environments are operational and performing well. You will be working out of ZE’s UK office located in Hove.   Responsibilities?

Product (ZEMA) Support Specialist II

The Opportunity ZE is a global leader in the development of enterprise data management and analysis software. We design and develop ZEMA, a sophisticated suite of products that provide clients with powerful capabilities for data collection, process automation, and business intelligence through web based analytical tools, services, and dashboards.  ZEMA Support's Mission - We are the face of ZE to the customer: ensuring them satisfaction in their investment

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