PACE KC Medical Director

POSITION SUMMARY: The PACE KC Medical Director is responsible for the delivery of member care, clinical outcomes, and the implementation, as well as oversight of the quality improvement program for PACE KC. The PACE KC Medical Director serves as the lead in the design of the medical components for PACE KC and as a liaison to the medical community on behalf of PACE KC. As a physician member of PACE KC’s team, the Medical Director must meet all federal and state

3D Drafter

3D DRAFTER A family-owned Aerospace company, Dynomax, Inc. designs, manufactures and develops high-precision machined components, injection molding and tooling, sub-assemblies, automated work cells, and specialty machines since 1986. The 3D Drafter will create drawings, models, assemblies, and execute ECN's for the various Engineering groups. The Drafter will also assist

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