INSPECTION- WEEKDAYS A McElroy inspector reads and understands blueprints, schematics and other part specifications and uses various tools to determine if machined parts and other components meet defined quality standards. The inspector reviews the quality and accuracy of parts by using micrometers, calipers, and height gauges. The inspector also keeps records of parts that do not conform to quality standards and helps to resolve problems surrounding continuous improvement and quali

Tool Crib Specialist

TOOL CRIB SPECIALIST – WEEKNIGHTS A McElroy Tool Crib Specialist provides timely support of the NC and Manual machine area with the setup of tools, associated documentation, and the Tool Crib Functions overall. The Tool Crib Specialist inspects and maintains returned tooling from production, but can also create and customize new tooling on an as needed basis. Also, they keep the Tool Crib and Pre-Set area clean, stocked, neatly organized, and clearly marked.   Jo

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