Spanish Teachers Grades K-1 to Grade 1

RESPONSIBILITIES: • Teach students to read and write in Spanish. • Provide the instructional program for students to reflect the goals of a Dual-Language Program. • Ensure consistent discipline practices and integration with the classroom instruction. • Participate in the monthly RTI (Response to Intervention) meeting for assigned grade levels. • Meet weekly with grade-level classroom teachers to support parallel skills in two languages. • Assist with

Science Teacher

Lawrence Family Development Charter School is currently seeking highly skilled and motivated Science Teacher who is passionate about making a difference in students’ lives. The Science Teacher will develop curriculum lessons, provide instruction to Upper School students, and participate in overall planning with other Science teachers and other teaching staff. RESPONSIBILITIES: Plan science lessons and post to Schoology each week. Teach t

Classroom Teachers K-8

The classroom teacher is responsible for delivering the instructional program approved by the school and for carrying out all planning, supervision, and assessment of students in accord with the school’s mission, policies and practices. RESPONSIBILITIES:  Provide the instructional program for all students to reflect content and standards for the LFDCS standards and benchmarks and aligned with the Massachusetts Common Core. Teach in a two-year looping org

Reading Specialist

1 full time or 2 part time Reading Specialist(s) Lawrence Family Development Charter School JOB DESCRIPTION Reading Specialist Grades K-4  The Reading Specialist will be responsible for improving the English Language Arts (ELA) and Reading skills of

Reading Specialist - Part Time

The Reading Specialist will be responsible for improving the English Language Arts (ELA) and Reading skills of underperforming students in grades K1-4 (2 buildings) and supporting the goal of high ELA/ Reading achievement for Academy and Lower School students. Responsibilities: Analyze standardized test data to identify student needs (ELA/Reading). Based on identified needs, plan ELA/Reading lessons that address identified student needs

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