Social Service Provider 2, Licensed

GENERAL NATURE OF WORK: Will provide persons, families, or vulnerable populations with the psychosocial support needed to cope with chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses, physical or developmental disabilities. Provide patient education and counseling, advises caregivers, and makes necessary referrals for other social services. QUALIFICATIONS: Applicant must posses a minimum of a Master’s degree in the behavioral health field with applied clinical practice for a minimum of three-yea

Social Service Provider 2, Licensed

GENERAL NATURE OF WORK:  Under general to limited supervision, performs social services functions at an advanced level to consumers and their families. Responsibilities include completion of complex psychosocial assessments, treatment team participation, treatment planning/ monitoring and discharge planning. Provides counseling/therapy to consumers requi

Engagement Specialist-Certified Peer Specialist

GENERAL NATURE OF WORK: This position requires staff to access reports of no show and missed appointments, make contact with individuals who have missed appointments in an attempt to engage them in services. Under the direct supervision of Licensed staff provide 70% billable services to individuals on assigned case load. Be in compliance with service gu

Social Service Technician 3

QUALIFICATIONS: BA in psychology/helping professional or four years experience in a social services related position. Demonstrate organizational skills. Knowledge of Adult Community Mental health and addictive diseases services, demonstrate experience providing training technical assistance and knowledge of community based rental assisted housing options. SCOPE OF POSITION: This is a funded community service position, specifically; community outreach targeting access to supported ho

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